The multiplier event for the project "SPOTit: Combatting fake news in social media" was held with great interest and active participation, on Thursday 12 January 2023, in Patras, at the MOSAIC cultural and creative space.

The SPOTit research team from Greece started the event by briefly presenting the project, and its results, informing the participants about the educational material for youth workers and the SPOTit's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This was followed by a talk by Mr. Altanopoulos (Marketing Professional) on "Combatting the Fake News Epidemic". 

During the event, the two SPOTit Digital Breakout Rooms "Democracy" and "Active Engagement" were presented, where participants were given the opportunity to answer interesting questions and evaluate the material. The participants who managed to come out on top from each Digital Breakout Room were rewarded. Finally, opportunities to exploit the results of SPOTit were discussed. 

The event was attended by 24 young people, youth trainers and youth workers with and/or for young people.  The event was an important inspiration for the participants and motivated them to actively engage with the subject of combating fake news. Many of them expressed high satisfaction with the usefulness of the material in motivating young people to become aware of aspects of this issue.

For more information about SPOTit and its results, you can visit the website or follow the project's Facebook or Twitter pages.

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